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Running as the pre-filter or protective stage in the AHU of house, commercial buildings, hospitals and Industrial air filtration, play important roles in prolonging the lifetime circle and improving the IAQ 

Coarse Panel filters are suited for:
- general air handling units for industrial plants
- refrigeration and compressor plants
- ventilation systems for extreme conditions
- air intake pre-filtration banks on off-shore rigs and ships’ engine rooms
- first stage filtration in power generation plants
- intake and exhaust air systems for heavy industry and chemical plants 


EcoFlat, AftPleat, AftPleat-HV, Aft-MP, Metalmix, ACPanel, AC/HEPA combine

- Flat Panel in Cardboard, GI or Alu frame
- Pleats Panel in Cardboard, GI or Alu frame
- Minipleat Panel in Cardboard, GI or Alu frame
- Metal Panel filter in GI, Alu or SS frame
- Activated Carbon Panel filters



Popular filter type in HAVC system, acting as the first stage or second stage to supply comfortable air to people and production lines; protect equipment parts in ventilation system, high dust holding capacity and long lifetime. Available to variety choices for different applications.


- Non-frame bag filters: NF-Bag 
    Very economic bag filter types are environment-friendly and helpful to cut down the operating cost. Wide dimension range supplies a plenty of choices. Special media type is suitable to the place with high humidity or request for washable filter type.
- High Efficiency bag filters:DS-Bag
Filter material: The media is composed of multilayer synthetic fibers and coated with non-woven fabric to increase the strength. Media is durable and high humidity resistance; Fibers never fall-off to create Secondary pollution when compared with fiberglass media. 
Uniform spacers to create best air flow channels and make the pocket pages full open perfectly; Page edges sealed by High-frequency welding technology to prevent any leakage as sewing

- Self-supported bag filters: SP-Bag
Durable technology-based filter elements to meet today’s requirements for rigid, non-corrosive, re-usable, recyclable, combustible or mineral-free components.
The applied synthetic fiber medium is transformed into a form-stable pocket by means of high-frequency welding process to ensure stiff ribs and inseparable leak-free seams.
Aerodynamic, Tubular Pocket Spacers and Wedge-Shaped Filter Design channel the air for particulate loading throughout the depth of the pocket and minimum air flow resistance.
Self-Supporting Pockets guarantee a continuously even and balanced airflow in the entire ventilation system in a variable volume air stream and keep stiff during turbine shutdown.

- Activated Carbon bag filters: AC-CBG, AC-HEBG
- Painting Arrest bag filter: AC-CBG
Play a good role in removing extensive range of odors and common indoor air pollutants; Well suited for use in air make-up and re-circulation in office building, hospital, airport, food courts and manufacturing facilities.


- Popular type in wide application 
- Perfect compact design save space 
- Large air volume but low pressure
- Variety of many V-bank choices 

Our most popular V-bank filter type running as the secondary or final stage in HVAC system of commercial buildings, hospitals and Industrial air filtration; especially play a great role in the gas turbine system of power plants. Plenty choices in variety V-bank types and standard dimensions.

Activated Carbon filters in special Multi-V banks design are widely used in VOC removing fields, remove an extensive range of odors and common indoor air pollutants; are also well suited for use in air make-up and re-circulation in office building, hospital, airport, food courts and manufacturing facilities.

- AFT-DP-Box
- AFT PAK SERIES, 65%, 85%, 95%


Our Most popular type Air filter media rolls or pads are used as the prefilter in AHU; Many applications in different fields as Industrial Painting Booth, air inlet of normal HAVC system, first filtration of house Ventilation equipment; Supplying pre-cut service or customized pads dimensions; Available in many various choices from different grade and different thicknesses; Strong configuration with progressively density and smooth air-leaving side prevent fibers from dropping.

- G2, G3, G4 white media rolls
- G2, G3 Grey media rolls and blue-white media rolls
- F5 Ceiling media rolls
- G4 PA-50, PA-100 Glassfiber media rolls
- Activated Carbon media rolls
- Washable Nylon mesh and foam materials

Air Filter Installation frames and frame clips help engineers to design HVAC system and filtration walls conveniently.


Installation Frame: 50mm, 75mm GI and SS frame 


Frame Clips-1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5” 

Painting Robot