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Conical/Cylindrical Filter Catalogue

We have special gas turbine filter materials for different working conditions, such as composite fiber/composite fiber + glass fiber hybrid filter material and so on.

Features Of Standard Structure

We have special gas turbine filter materials for different working conditions, such as composite fiber/composite fiber + glass fiber hybrid filter material and so on. 

Product Description

  1. 1.Use filter paper imported from the United States and European countries
  2. 2.Can be better applied to reverse pulse blowing in the high humidity situation
  3. 3.Large area design, guarantee the filtering air flow
  4. 4.Inside and outside metal support, anti-rust galvanized end cover
  5. 5.Special elastic rubber sealing ring.

Scope of application: Apply to inlet filtering of compressor of gas turbine (GE, SOLAR, SIEMENS, ALSTOM, MITSUBISHI), and generator air filtering.


Top cap: Model:AR4453266 OD445mm*ID330mm/OD324mm*ID213mm

Bottom cap: Model: AR3266 OD324mm*ID213mm

Filter Media Option (For Different Working Conditions)


Fine Fiber

100%Synthetic Fiber

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